Limited Edition Backstage Case -Turquoise

HKD 1,980

A luxurious toiletry bag with a debossed logo that stores all Summer essentials for healthy and shiny hair. The wrist strap makes it comfortable to carry during travelling or backstage work. The content of the Limited Edition Backstage Case is designed to give some special attention and protection for the hair during the Spring-Summer season. The sea salt based styling spray adds definition, texture and body with a flexible hold. Spray lightly at the roots of wet hair to add body or onto dry hair for a rough texture. To shield and repair the hair from sun damage, spritz the hair with the Sun Protection Spray. The formula enriched with protective UVA and UVB filters helps to nourish and condition sun, sea or chlorine exposed hair. Coat the strands with the Sun Protection Spray before and during sun exposure to protect the hair and apply afterwards to deeply nourish and hydrate the sun-parched hair. Comb through with the beautiful turquoise pocket comb for an even distribution of product Including:
· Texturizing Salt Spray (200 ml)
· Sun Protection Spray (200 ml)
· Turquoise pocket comb

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