Titanium Straightener

HKD 2,980

Balmain hair straighteners enjoy a fabulously silky finish after styling with these balmain hair straighteners. They feature smooth gliding titanium floating plates, which give up to 24% more heat conduction for a more polished, lasting effect that looks sleek and soft. (up to 230°C) Equipped with temperature controls for different hair types, they will give a stunning result without damaging the hair. Complete with an automatic shut-off function, this hair styler is super safe too. In the box, you'll find a stylish pouch and a heat resistant mat. For easy styling, a brush, clips and balmain shine spray are also included.

Useful info: smooth gliding titanium floating plates 24% more heat conduction temperature controls automatic shut-off after 30 mins led screen pouch and heat resistant mat included brush and clips included

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The perfect tool for flexible styling to create luscious curls or perfectly straight styled hair. The smoothly gliding Titanium Floating Plates add a silky, shiny and healthy finish to your hair. Delivers exact temperatures to give the best results without any damage to your hair. The Straightener heats up to 220 C.


• Titanium Floating Plate technology

• Advanced heating element

• Negative ion sensor

• 30 Minutes auto-shut-off

CONTENT: The backstage set includes: Titanium Straightener, 1 Balmain Hairbrush, 4 hair clips, 1 shine spray, 1 conditioning spray and a special pouch with a heat resistant mat. 



Hold the iron at a right angle from your head, with one hand on the handle and the other on the end-grips. Now give the iron half turn under the hair. Slowly, but firmly, glide it 3-4 cm down. Stop and give it a half turn in the other direction. Then glide the iron down another 3-4 cm. Repeat this zigzag turning all the way along the length of the hair, to create beautiful flowing waves. 


Start sectioning your hair. Take a 2-3 cm wide piece of hair at the nape of your neck. Place your iron vertically at the root, then give it a half turn, twisting it around your hair through the iron. Don’t hold the iron too tightly or it will be difficult to work your hair through. Continue this technique moving up your head to create a naturally curly look that’s both soft and bouncy.