Magnificent Volume Set FW23

HKD 880

The Magnificent Volume Set FW23 offers the perfect combination for creating instant body and volume, resulting in an effortless and long-lasting look during the holidays. The set includes the Texturizing Volume Spray, Volume Mousse Strong and the Backcomb Brush.

The Texturizing Volume Spray is a versatile spray that lifts the hair from the roots, providing extra volume. This product quickly volumizes the hair, offering long-lasting volume and texture.

The Volume Mousse Strong maximizes volume and thickens the hair, delivering a long-lasting hold without leaving unwanted residue or weighing it down.

Finally, use the professional Backcomb Brush to tease more volume into the hair without causing knots. Made of 100% boar hair, the brush helps condition the hair by distributing sebum from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft. Sebum acts as a natural anti-frizz serum, repairing dry hair and adding lustrous shine. The brush is designed with a pointed handle for easy hair sectioning.


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