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BALMAIN Fill-In Silk Bond


The luxury of a lengthening of volume service

 Fill-In Slik bond hair additions are perfectly suitable to create voluminous hair. The 100% Human Hair additions are applied with Slik Bonds. Silk Bonds are made of components similar to Slik Protein. Being for 89% equal to human hair keratin protein, Balmain Paris Hair Couture creates a natural cohesion between the Silk Bond and the hair molecular structure. The Balmain Slik Bonds make a softer, but even stronger bond with long-lasting hold, which remains for 3 months!


100% Human Hair 40cm/16’and 55cm/22’’

Revolutionary silk bond

6 months quality guarantee using the Balmain after care


Avaliable in 18 colors (40cm) and 12 colors (55cm)


For details, please check with your hair salon.